Video: Bob Johnson On How He Created BET & Dealing With Racism

“Race and racism will always be here. It’s like rain. But you don’t just stop going out because it’s raining. You put on a rain coat, grab an umbrella and go do whatever you gotta do. That’s the way I look at racism. It’s like welcome to reality, it exist but don’t let it control your life. Don’t let it dominate what you are able to achieve.”

Bob Johnson became the first Black billionaire after Viacom bought BET in 2000 for $3 Billion. Johnson remained CEO of the company until 2006. He was born in Mississippi to a father who was a farmer and a mother who was a schoolteacher. He moved with his family when he was a child to Illinois and attended Illinois State University, where he graduated with a social science degree in 1968. He went on to get his Masters from Princeton and worked in various communication jobs in Washington, D.C.

Video: MyBlackDiamondCinema

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