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What Is It Like Being A Non Black Student At An Historically Black College?

“At many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) throughout the country, the student population is changing. The numbers of Latino, Asian, and White students are on the rise. Although most HBCU presidents are welcoming these students, some alumni are often not as excited to see the faces at their alma mater changing.”

Vice New released a very well produced and thought-provoking video recently, centering around Tiago. He is one of the few non-Black students at Morehouse College, an all-male HBCU in Atlanta.

“Morehouse was the only school that I applied to,” Tiago tells reporter Lee Adams.

The video does a great job capturing Tiago’s voice as well as the sentiments of Black students. Some who are Tiago’s friends as well as those who worry about their safe space being infringed upon and the potential gentrification of HBCU’s.

Many HBCU’s are starting to target “non-traditional” students to bring in more revenue for the school.

“The most fundamental change out of everything, is turning me away from a self-absorbed experience. Decentralizing the idea of whiteness. The attitude that I’m smarter, that I deserve this opportunity more than you. This attitude of supremacy.”

“Understanding that had I not come across Morehouse, I probably would have never delved deep into learning about the true history of this country and all the stuff that the U.S government has done to keep people down.”

Video: Vice Youtube

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