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L.A. Sheriff’s Disregard for Black Elders Caught on Video At Lancaster Winco

Unjustified Brutality: L.A County Sheriff's Blatant Disregard for Black Elders Exposed in Shocking Video
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Lancaster, CA—The Los Angeles County Sheriffs have yet again shown their disregard for African-Americans and the lack of respect they have for us regardless of age or gender. The recent viral incident at Winco, where an elderly Black woman was subjected to assault during an arrest, is deeply infuriating. It serves as a reminder that any of our own grandmothers could have endured such treatment.

Despite the wave of massive marches and protests following the death of George Floyd demanding change, police brutality cases against the Black community continue to climb. 

The recent viral arrest involving L.A County Sheriff Deputies shows that no progress has been made in altering the culture of policing. The mindset of officers and the deeply ingrained biases they harbor remain largely unchanged, perpetuating a dangerous cycle of mistreatment and marginalization against African-Americans in L.A County.

Both officers were pulled off field duty, Luna said during an afternoon news conference, and could face discipline ranging from letters of reprimand all the way up to dismissal if misconduct is found. He didn’t identify the deputies (Ap News).

A significant factor contributing to the dehumanization of African-Americans is the detrimental role played by mass media. The portrayal of Black individuals in a negative light has been instrumental in shaping the biased perceptions that officers carry with them. Media outlets continue to perpetuate harmful stereotypes, furthering prejudices and leading to unjustifiable acts of violence against the Black community. 

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This distressing incident must serve as a wake-up call to all those in power who claim to champion justice and equality. It is time that our legal and political figures in L.A County address the deep-seated biases that plague law enforcement agencies. Mere lip service and empty promises will no longer suffice.

The current system of self-policing is deeply inadequate and only serves to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. Comprehensive and mandatory anti-bias training must be implemented to challenge officers’ preconceived notions and foster empathy towards the African-American community. In addition, the establishment of independent oversight committees with real authority is crucial to ensure accountability within law enforcement agencies. 

The sheriff said his department has opened an investigation into the deputies’ use of force and had notified the county’s Civilian Oversight Commission and also federal monitors, who are overseeing reforms that the department agreed to in 2015. That agreement settled federal allegations that deputies in the Antelope Valley, including Lancaster, had engaged in excessive use of force and racially-biased policing that included disproportionately stopping or searching Blacks and Latinos (AP News).

Media organizations must also be held accountable for the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. It is imperative that they actively work towards promoting diverse and accurate representations of marginalized African-American communities, countering the damaging narratives that have been weaponized against us for far too long.

The assault of an elderly Black woman by L.A. County Sheriffs and the lack of respect, empathy, and accountability demonstrated by these officers is an indictment of the entire system. Genuine and far-reaching reforms are urgently needed to dismantle the culture of policing that perpetuates these injustices. We must demand justice and a future where our elders and youth can live without fear of being brutalized by those tasked with their protection.

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