Rapper & Actor Tobe Nwigwe Has A Song On Stephen Curry Documentary

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Los Angeles, CA—Houston native Tobe Nwigwe intimately understands the journey of being underrated, armed with undeniable talent that can outshine peers in his field. As a 2023 Grammy Nominee for Best New Artist, Tobe’s accomplishments shine brightly. The actor and rapper’s story resonates with the essence of Stephan Curry’s: transcending limitations when given the chance to showcase one’s capabilities.

I had the opportunity to interview Tobe recently and we discussed his journey crafting music for Stephen Curry: Underrated,” a new documentary that intimately explores Curry’s journey to becoming a NBA legend.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can still achieve greatness. Nobody is going to give you anything, you are going to have to earn it. People gone doubt you, people gone feel a way about you, whatever. But you still have to create your own path.”

Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe finds a kindred spirit in Stephen Curry’s underdog journey. Much like Curry’s path from an under-recognized player to a basketball legend, Tobe’s rise parallels this narrative as he navigated the competitive world of music with determination and authenticity. He says the biggest gem he gained from working on music for Curry’s documentary is, greatness has a formula.

His inclusion on the soundtrack with his song “Lil Fish, Big Pond” adds a dynamic layer of creativity to Curry’s narrative. Tobe’s music provides a powerful backdrop, as the song takes listeners on a parallel journey of resilience and triumph, mirroring Curry’s path from being underestimated to making a significant impact.

If you really watch Steph’s documentary, he isn’t superman. He doesn’t have superpowers. The reason he is able to do what he does, is through rigorous attention to detail, training, relentless work ethic, that type of stuff. And that type of stuff, everyone isn’t necessarily into.

Tobe Nwigwe

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