Slauson Girl is a Writer and Journalist from South Central, Los Angeles.

Tina Sampay also known by her byline, Slauson Girl, is the founder and CEO of Slauson Girl Media (Group) LLC, a Black-woman owned news and media company based in Los Angeles. As a journalist and media professional, Sampay curates several platforms which provide hyper-local news and information to the South Central community of Los Angeles. 

During her undergrad, Sampay gained campus notoriety while writing for the weekly campus newspaper in her column, “Slauson Girl Speaks.” Her column won a multi-state college journalism competition for three columns in the series.

Subsequently, Sampay was named Opinion Editor of the newspaper. 

As a student-writer, Sampay covered several significant incidents surrounding the university. Including, the head-on collision of a Fed-Ex truck and a bus with highschool students on their way to preview the university. This resulted in multiple deaths, including several students, as well as an alumni of the university and his fiancé.

Sampay also covered the stabbing death of a Black student and for over a year, she assisted his family sharing information relating to the case, as well as the justice efforts organized by students on campus. Through her work, a woman in the town reached out to Sampay via her website, detailing the death of another Black student in the town 17 years prior.

She worked with the campus newspapers to shed light on the lack of justice received by two Black students in a small white town.

Upon returning to South Central, Los Angeles, Slauson Girl has become a vital resource to local residents unaware of the multitude of city business happening around them. She has received much support and praise from the South Central/South L.A community for her diligence, passion and commitment to not only her community, but the art of Journalism. 

Sampay has been published in The Grio, BET, The Guardian, Rolling Out, L.A Focus as well as The Wave Newspaper. She covered the riots following the death of George Floyd, where she flew to Minneapolis and interviewed the owner of Cup Foods where Floyd was arrested.

Her drive and intent is representation for marginalized communities–including the one she comes from.

Slauson Girl represents the “Ghetto Girl” in inner city America who are left out of mainstream discussion. She hopes to broaden the perspective around girls in the inner city through her branding and writings.

 “….Through this process he regained his previously alienated and splintered self-image as a child of the California Black-ghetto–and from this point began the remarkable process of self-analysis, self-education and self-expression…”

In Feb. 2023, Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, whose district includes the Crenshaw area, honored Sampay as an Unsung Hero. As the owner of her own media outlet, Sampay has taken on political and social issues that impact local Black people, and she promotes the positive aspects of the communities that she serves. An Unsung Hero is defined as a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution — a person whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged. The CLBC established the Black History Month Unsung Hero Award to recognize individuals who have contributed selflessly to their respective districts. All honorees are presented with a resolution and participate in a reception at the state Capitol in Sacramento, to celebrate their extraordinary work in the communities they serve.

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