Since returning back home to South Central after college, I have been focused on growing my own media platforms, which speak directly to the issues concerning Black and other marginalized groups in L.A. 

This is an open-call to my supporters, to play an active role in showing their support for my platforms and Black-woman owned media in Los Angeles. 

For over four years, my work which has caught the eyes of local politicians, corporations and Hollywood celebrities, has been fully self-funded. 

Community support is needed to help with the SUSTAINABILITY of the platforms, while allowing me the opportunity to support other emerging writers living in underserved communities of Los Angeles, such as South Central, Watts and Compton. 

My goal is to begin shifting to support and amplify a team of emerging writers and local media professionals, who are often overlooked in the mainstream field of Los Angeles journalism. 

In addition, my newly founded organization the South Central Writers Guild, provides journalism training and opportunities to individuals, while aiming to enhance their multimedia skills such as video production, social media, and podcasting. 

Short-term goals include supporting a small team of local writers who successfully go through our fellowship program. 

Long-term plans include a space to serve as a writers hub and production space. 

Throughout the years, I never accepted donations because I did not want to seem like I was exploiting my community for profit.

Moving forward, community support is very important and I will also seek other funding resources. 

Gentrification will not erase us. 

Thanks in advance for your support!

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