Black Esthetician: Visit Smiles and Sprinkles Skin Care Spa in Los Angeles

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Smiles and Sprinkles Skin Care is a spa that provides skin care services such as hydro microdermabrasion, chemical peels, collagen induction therapy and mature skin treatments for both women & men.

These services are carefully curated for each person’s skin care needs.

In addition, Smiles and Sprinkles Skin Care offers sauna detox services to aid in weight loss, post work-out recovering, reducing inflammation and more.

They also sell retail products for all skin types, so people can maintain healthy skin care after leaving the treatment room.

We caught up with Smiles and Sprinkles Skin Care founder, Aisha LE, to discuss her journey as an esthetician and the benefits of taking care of your skin.

What motivated you go into the esthetician business?

Aisha: “I became an esthetician due to my love of beauty. I am a former model and I knew I wanted to extend myself to the beauty business but wasn’t exactly sure in how that would show up.

One day, when I was on set of a commercial, one of the makeup artists mentioned that I’m not to show up to set with makeup on my face. I was shocked as I explained I did not have any makeup on.

She preceded to use her finger to run down my cheek to see if I was putting her on. When she realized that I indeed did not have on any makeup, I knew what my mom always taught me about never wearing makeup to bed and cleaning my skin would yield results for the better.


What do you love the most about being an esthetician?

Aisha: “What I love most about the business of skin is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people on a daily basis and build wonderful friendships with some of my clients.

Starting clients on a skin schedule and seeing the results is gratifying.

With my Psychology background, clients tend to feel comfortable and safe enough to share things that gives me an opportunity to give my sound advice, or just being a listening ear which is sometime all that is needed. I love my work as an esthetician.

What would you like the reader to know about you as an individual?

Aisha: “I was obsessed with making ‘do it yourself’ skin care products and such. I went to esthetician school and prior to that, I earned my bachelors degree in Psychology. I worked in that field until I started a family and then I began my second career as an esthetician.

I absolutely love being an esthetician and providing skin treatments for all skin types. Especially, for those that have some challenges with acne and or hyperpigmentation.

We work on a plan and begin the process. I love how the client builds that confidence once they see the changes in their skin.

I want people to know that skin conditions don’t show up overnight, so the changes that we are making doesn’t correct itself instantly. We work together on this journey.

So being patient will yield amazing results. Trust me.

To Book an appointment with Smiles and Sprinkles Skin Care, clients can call directly or book online at

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