Students Create Social Media Campaign To Draw National Attention To Unsolved Murders

Arcata, CA–College students in Humboldt County are trying to draw national attention to the unsolved murder of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson.

Lawson was just 19-years-old when he was stabbed multiple times at an off-campus party last year in April. Although a suspect was arrested at the scene, he was released three weeks later. Eureka Judge Dale Reinholtsen ruled that there was insufficient evidence to hold him for trial.

David Josiah Lawson

The ruling left students and Lawson’s friends stunned–who took to the streets of Arcata in protest. Although the City of Arcata sends out press releases stating that the Arcata Police Department are doing everything they can, the lack of visible progress almost a year later leaves many to wonder if Lawson will ever receive justice. Especially considering that in 2001, Corey Clark who was a 29-year-old Black male attending HSU, was murdered in the community. Just like Lawson, there has been no justice in Clark’s case 17 years later although there is a prime suspect.

Lawson’s mother travels to Humboldt County almost every month seeking justice for her son.

“A vigil has been held for Lawson every month since his untimely death last April. The turnout of the 11th vigil on March 15 at Arcata City Hall was lower than usual due to spring break and heavy rain, but over a dozen people participated in solidarity of Lawson nonetheless. During the vigil, Alex Foster, a leading force in finding justice for and preserving the memory of Lawson, said mixed messages aired by the media continue to hamper with the development of the murder case.

“There’s a lot of rumors and false narratives, especially from newspapers,” Foster said. “It’s just different perspectives.” McKinleyville resident Kyle Zoellner was arrested for allegedly stabbing Lawson, but was released by Judge Dale Reinholtsen for lack of evidence. During the preliminary hearings, contradicting testimonials by eyewitnesses include Zoellner’s physical condition when Lawson was murdered.” (The Lumberjack) 

Please tweet, share, and spread the truth to the friends, family, and acquaintances outside of Humboldt County. See below for the twitter handles to tag.

                    Black Lives Matter         @Blklivesmatter

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                    Democracy Now!            @DemocracyNow

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