Press Release: Student Coalition for Organizing and Direct Action (SCODA)

Contact: Student Coalition for Organizing and Direct Action Email:

Date: 03/19/2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Humboldt State University: Student Walk Out

“HSU Students Will Walk Out to Protest Budget Cuts On Wednesday, March 21st at 1:10pm, HSU students are walking out to protest budget cuts. Organized students have strategically planned this walkout during the Accreditation Review, which will evaluate HSU’s educational quality, student success, and our institutional and fiscal sustainability. Humboldt State University has a continuing history of financial and housing crises– a product of bloated Administrator salaries, historical embezzlement scandals, and continued mismanagement. HSU is currently in yet another housing crisis. At the same time, faculty and staff are facing layoffs. Classes necessary for graduation are on the chopping block. Our critical services, like childcare, are being privatized. When students engage Administrators, participate in forums, and ask polite questions, we are given the runaround. We are told this crisis is not for us to worry about. Our Administrators repeatedly deny responsibility for our state of affairs and cut everyone’s budgets but their own. Students are ready to hold our Administrators accountable. Students and faculty face homelessness and food insecurity while our Administrators have just given themselves another raise. Enough is enough. The California State University system was intended to be free, and we will fight to achieve free, equal access to higher education for all. Student Coalition for Organizing and Direct Action (SCODA) is a diverse coalition of students and community members dedicated to addressing institutional inequality. Please join us and the community in this direct action.”

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