City Council renames Slauson and Crenshaw to Nipsey Hussle square

City Councilman Marqueece Harris Dawson with various members of Nipsey Hussle’s family | (Ann Marie Clark)

Los Angeles, CA–Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously today to rename the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw in honor of Nipsey Hussle. The motion was introduced by City Councilman Marqueece Harris Dawson, who has worked with Nipsey Hussle before in various capacities.

The Crenshaw-Slauson intersection will now be known as “Ermias ‘Nipsey Hussle’ Asghedom Square.”

Nipsey Hussle, 33, born Ermias Asghedom, is a Grammy-nominated rapper of Eritrean descent. This self-made entrepreneur has made several investments and contributions to the area he was born and raised in. He was gunned down two weeks ago in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing store, located at the same intersection.

Nipsey Hussle’s sister Samantha Smith outside Los Angeles City Hall chambers Friday | (Ann Marie Clark)

These contributions range from helping to re-open the popular roller-skating rink World on Wheels, to working with Dawson on the art exhibit Destination Crenshaw. Nipsey Hussle also helped to open Vector 90, the co-working and STEM center in South L.A.

Various members of Nipsey Hussle’s family such as his grandmother, siblings and daughter were in attendance at today’s city council meeting.

Several members of his team were also present. Ann Marie Clark, a photographer for Vector 90, spoke during public before the city council.

Nipsey Hussle’s daughter at city hall chambers Friday| (Ann Marie Clark)

“My name is Ann Marie Clark and I’m here on behalf of Vector 90, Nipsey Hussle’s co-working space in the Crenshaw district. He was all of our friend and we all have been devastated with everything that has transpired these past few weeks. However, I’ve personally sat in meetings with him and his business partner David Gross and he was genuinely interested and completely hands on in making his community better. We would be more than grateful to have the intersection of Crenshaw and Slauson be changed to “Nipsey Hussle square” so that the Marathon can continue,” Clark said.

The self-made businessman has inspired and motivated people from all over the world to move with a do-for-self mentality. His motivation to see life well beyond the confines of his South Central community will always be remembered.

Not only did Nipsey Hussle achieve the heights he planned and sacrificed for, he never forgot those in his community–especially those who were still trying to find their own path through the ghetto maze.

(Ann Marie Clark)

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