Land of No Pity Educates on L.A Gang History

South Central, Los Angeles–Jamal Shakir Jr., says he hopes to provide education on the origins of Los Angeles street gangs through his visual project for ‘Land of No Pity.’

The pilot is gang and drug indulged but the overall premise of it, that’s not what it’s for. It’s to create awareness. For us as Black people to be able to create awareness and capture that audience, you have to immerse them in something they can relate to.”

He completed all the pre-production work himself which he said took about eight months. This included penning scripts, developing a wardrobe, getting the necessary permits and insurance and gathering the cast.

“The origins of gang-banging and representing your hood in Los Angeles is big. That’s why we chose to make it indulging for the gang-members. That way, as the story progresses and we show the silver lining of what it’s actually supposed to be, they will be more inclined to listen and pay attention.” 

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