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The Murder of Nipsey Hussle: A Timeline of Events

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South Central, Los Angeles–The world is still mourning the loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was gunned down last week in front of his Marathon Clothing Store. Here is a brief recap of events, and details that have been revealed in the case.

Around 3:20 p.m Sunday Afternoon Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times along with two other people.

Nipsey Hussle was standing in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing Store when he was approached by a man, who is said to be 29-year-old Eric Holder. Holder is reported to have shaken Nipsey’s hand prior to him shooting the rapper.

He approached the shop through a side alley adjacent to the building of the Marathon Store. After the shooting, he ran down this same alley and is said to have sped off in a white truck driven by a Black female.

Eric “Shitty Cuz” Holder picture goes viral; TMZ obtain shooting video

Prior to police releasing information on a suspect, Holder’s picture had gone viral via social media. The picture was circulated by a hispanic gang member in prison who had an I.G account. TMZ also obtained and released the footage of Nipsey Hussle being gunned down. They received the footage from a camera on the shell gas station next door.

LAPD Hold Press Conference, Nipsey Hussle’s appointment with top LAPD officials revealed

The Los Angeles Police Department held a press conference two days after Nipsey Hussle’s death, where the police commissioner revealed he and the chief of police were set to met with Nipsey Hussle the day after he was gunned down.

The police commissioner read the email he was sent by Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown on behalf of Nipsey Hussle. They wanted a sit down to help envision ways to alleviate gang violence in L.A.

The commissioner also referred to Nipsey Hussle’s death as an assassination during this press conference.

Chaos Erupts At Marathon Store After Stampede; Multiple People Injured


Police came out in full riot gear after hundreds of people who flocked to the Marathon Store after Nipsey Hussle’s murder, suddenly found themselves scrambling to flee the parking lot one night.

It is still unclear what exactly caused the commotion. Some people say a fight broke out, others say someone brandished a gun. News reports may have stated some people were stabbed.

There were hundreds of candles in front of the Marathon Store and as people scrambled to flee the lot, many people were injured from running through and stepping on glass candles.

One person was transported to the hospital with an serious injury because a piece of glass got caught in their foot as they tried to get away from the parking lot.

One person was hit by a car.

“It was intense because the crowd behind me began to take cover because they heard gun shots and the only place I could hide was behind a cop car in the alley behind fat-burger.

I was bleeding badly so running was difficult. A police officer got on one knee and patched me up with what he had; paper towel and caution tape.”

Police set up perimeter for those visiting the Marathon Store; Nation of Islam Helps Maintain Peace


A group of community volunteers came together to clean up hundreds broken candles and glass shards, following the chaos that erupted at Nipsey’s memorial. Thus, the next morning following the chaos, the front of the Marathon Store was clean and clear.

However, police set up a perimeter. People could still visit the store to pay respects but they had to stand in line behind Fatburger, and be escorted through the alley adjacent to the Marathon Store parking lot.

The Nation of Islam guided people through and had a heavy precense at the Marathon Store to help maintain the peace. They also donated 100,000 copies of the Final Call newspaper in honor of Nipsey Hussle.

Eric Holder Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty; Represented by Former L.A Prosecutor in O.J Simpson Case

Eric Holder was trying to check himself into Telecare Mental Health Facility on Artesia Boulevard according to authorities when he was apprehended.

The girl who is said to have driven the get away car Holder was in, was said to have been questioned and released. TMZ says they spoke to the woman and she claimed that she did not know Holder had committed a murder.

Bloods & Crips Unity Walk In Honor of Nipsey Hussle

Yesterday, seemingly every Blood and Crip gang-member in Los Angeles met up on Slauson and Crenshaw for a unity walk. The meeting was called by an OG Crip representative along with the help of a few others. This was truly a historical moment because it is what Nipsey Hussle wanted, unity of the gangs.

Nipsey Hussle’s brother & grandmother give first interviews to local media

Video: CBS L.A

Nipsey Hussle’s 88-year-old grandmother who lives not too far from the Marathon Clothing store, gave an interview to CBS 2 Los Angeles yesterday. She said that she finds solace in Nipsey’s murder through realizing how many people he touched through his music and movements.

She also says that she hopes young people get his message and live a better life, and that she is praying for the shooter, that he doesn’t get killed in prison.

As for Nipsey Hussle’s brother, he told the Los Angeles Times that he is still trying to come to grips with his brother’s murder, which he calls, “mind-boggling.”

Talks of a Memorial At Staples Center For Nipsey Hussle

Several news outlets announced today that a Nipsey Hussle memorial is in the works to be held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets will be available through a website and it is unclear yet if the tickets will cost or what the price might be. The Staples Center holds 21,000 people. Michael Jackson’s memorial was also held here.

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