California Governor Deploys National Guard To Help With Food Distribution

Sacramento, CA–California Governor Gavin Newsom deployed the National Guard Friday not to help with food distribution amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Several people took to social media Friday saying they spotted military style vehicles and tanks on streets as well as hundreds traveling from one city to the next.

Many people view the National Guard as the first step of many before Martial Law is declared in California. Although Newsom assures the move is only to distribute food, it comes one day after Newsom ordered stay at home ordinances for California residents.

Health officials and government leaders say staying at home limits the spread of the virus and “flattens the curve.”

“Due to COVID-19, many food banks have been affected by a significant decline in volunteerism, impacting logistical and local infrastructure for food distribution. 

The California Guard will initially deploy personnel and logistical equipment to a food bank distribution warehouse in Sacramento County beginning Friday and will conduct immediate site assessments statewide for those counties that have requested short-term support and stabilization,” (KRON 4).

Read More: Gov. Newsom deploys California National Guard to assist food banks during coronavirus outbreak

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