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Joe Biden Announce New Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates For Businesses With 100 Employees

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President Joe Biden has announced new Coronavirus vaccine mandates for businesses with over 100 employees as well as federal workers and contractors. Federal employees, federal contractors and health-care workers at facilities that receive federal funding must show proof of vaccination, with no testing option.

$13,600 will be imposed on companies who fail to comply.

According to Politico,

“The new emergency rules were announced Thursday as part of a new six-part effort from Biden to increase the vaccination rate in the U.S. as he seeks to tamp down criticism over the administration’s handling of a surge in coronavirus cases related to the Delta variant. Only about 53 percent of the population is currently fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

With the deadly virus continuing to hit at-risk communities including the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions, the vaccine offers an option for protection against the virus that many would not otherwise have.

However, hesitancy against the vaccine and essentially those who govern the U.S, continues to grow.

The pushback is not solely against the vaccine–but mandatory vaccinations many foresaw when talks of the coronavirus vaccine began. This hesitancy is across racial, political and class lines. With people in inner cities, to politicians, white conservatives and medical nurses and doctors showing their discontent with forced vaccinations and/or business closures.

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Biden’s mandates are already causing a frenzy for management lawyers and worker’s unions, who continue to advocate that workers input should be valued on coronavirus mandates, while also encouraging vaccination among laborers.

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