Coronavirus: You May Still Receive An Eviction Notice in Los Angeles Despite Renter Relief

Los Angeles, CA–As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the U.S some Americans are finding themselves out of work for a period of time, while others are losing their jobs indefinitely as businesses brace themselves for a loss of revenue due to closures.

These are the trickle down affects of shelter in place ordinances that have been enacted all throughout the U.S, first seen in places like China and Italy to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Officials say these measure aim to “flatten the curve” or limit the number of people who will catch the virus.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ramped up sanctions from closing all bars and restaurants on Monday, to requiring residents to stay at home and the closure of all “non-essential businesses” yesterday evening.

Here is what you need to know if you are unable to rent your rent due to job loss during the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Your landlord can still serve you an eviction notice.

If you receive an eviction notice during the coronavirus pandemic you are encouraged to file a complaint with The city of Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department.

2. You still have to pay missed rent.

You will have to get written documentation from your employer on the reason your job was terminated and give this to the city of Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID).

HCID will review the documents and reach out to the landlord requesting they cancel the eviction notice and detail the 6-month grace period the city has outlined for tenants to pay landlords back rent.

3. You will still have to go to court if the landlord goes through with an eviction notice.

If the landlord goes through with the eviction, HCID will provide documentation for the tenant to use in court. In addition, tenants with lawyers usually see a higher success rates in cases.

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Complaints can be submitted via HCID’s hotline number (1-866-557-7368)

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