Young Thug Arrested, Lyrics Will Be Used Against Him in RICO Indictment

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Fulton County, Georgia–In addition to being hit with RICO charges while being accused of being the leader of a criminal street organization, rapper Young Thug now faces at least seven new felony charges after drugs and firearms were found at his residence. Born Jeffrey Williams, the Atlanta native’s YSL (Young Slime Life) music imprint is being accused of being engaged in gang activity including ordering hits on other rappers.

Key points of the 80-page indictment against Williams and 26 other members of YSL who were arrested is a growing feud with fellow Atlanta rapper, YFN Lucci, who is currently incarcerated. Another is a 2015 murder, where Young Thug is alleged to have rent a car that was later used in a shooting.

“One of Young Thug’s charges alleges he rented a car used in the January 2015 murder of Donovan Thomas, Jr., described as a “rival gang member.” At the press conference Tuesday, DA Willis said that murder “created violence like Atlanta has never seen” and she framed it as a central event that led to the indictment this year,” (11 Alive).

Young Thug was also denied bond yesterday and being called a “flight risk” due to his access to resources as well as the additional charges that were added when police raided his residence.

This is a very serious case and comes as a shock to many who viewed Young Thug as some sort of harmless industry plant brought into the game by Birdman. It is interesting that music corporations continue to market this type of music worldwide, while the D.A is using Young Thugs lyrics against him.

Rapper Gunna was also named in the indictment and has turned himself in. The D.A has named Gunna “guilty by association” in the RICO indictment–pointing to pendants and hand signals shown in his videos.

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In 2018, Young Thug was arrested and charged with 8 Felonies including possession of meth, lean and weed with the intent to distribute.

Source: 11 Alive

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