[Video]: The Cochran Firm Files Suit on Behalf of Drakeo The Ruler’s Son

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The Los Angeles Football Club has also been named a defendant

LOS ANGELES – The Cochran Firm filed a lawsuit today in LA Superior Court on behalf of the five-year-old son of Darrell Caldwell, 28, better known as Drakeo the Ruler. Caldwell was stabbed backstage on Dec. 18, 2021, during the Once Upon a Time in LA festival at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles and succumbed to his injuries.

The lawsuit names Live Nation, C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents, Major League Soccer, LLC aka Los Angeles Football Club aka LAFC, and Jeff Shuman as defendants for negligence, wrongful death, and premises liability.

Partner James Bryant, II, said Mr. Caldwell’s son is bringing the suit to hold everyone involved with the festival accountable for his father’s murder. 

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“This never should have happened and it wouldn’t have happened had proper security measures been put into place,” said Bryant.  “We aim to hold the defendants accountable, seek maximum justice for our client, and help prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.” 

Bryant continued, “Mr. Caldwell’s lynching and eventual death at the hand of a violent mob of purported members of a Los Angeles based Bloods gang, while Mr. Caldwell made his way through the backstage area of the Banc of California performers stage, where he was scheduled to perform just minutes following the violent attack, was a result of a complete and abject failure of all defendants to implement proper safety measures in order to ensure the safety and well being of the artists whom they invited and hired to their music festival.”

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