Killings In L.A Spotlight A Crisis: ‘Black Women Are being Murdered 

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Los Angeles County, CA–The recent murders of several Black youth and young adults in Los Angeles County are shedding yet another spotlight on the disparities in coverage when Black people are killed. I was interviewed recently regarding my coverage on the Tioni Theus case, as well as these issues, which is linked below.

“Both killings took place on weekends, a mere two weeks apart. On 8 January, California officials found the body of Tioni Theus, a 16-year-old girl who was found shot at a busy onramp of the 110 freeway. On 23 January, sisters Breahna Stines and Marneysha Hamilton were among four people shot dead during a mass shooting at a birthday party in Inglewood.

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Neither incident received much coverage outside of local news, raising questions about which stories are elevated in the national spotlight and which mass shootings grasp the country’s attention. While discrepancies between the attention for white victims of violence and Black victims of violence is nothing new, community organizers and researchers worry about the message this phenomenon continues to send to young Black girls about their worth and potential,” (The Guardian).

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