Victor Ladon Offers Consulting & Business Services To Help Credit Repair

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Los Angeles, CA—Victor Cave Ladon founded Alpha Ladon Consulting & Business Analytics earlier this year, aiming to use his skillset and understanding to increase the financial and credit literacy of his community and clients.

Ladon offers a multitude of services to clients, including personal and business credit building consultations, as well as e-books providing individuals a step by step process on how to repair their own credit.

“I want African Americans to understand what credit is and how it works and how it controls America. I want African Americans to understand what an APR is, interest rates, loan terms, how to properly finance their homes, cars, home appliances etc,” said Ladon.

“This will allow African Americans to finance big purchases better, without the worry of their car being repossessed, or being evicted from their apartments.”

“I have watched loan sharks take advantage of the community for too long. For generations financial literacy has evaded the community and I want to bring it back to light. I want African Americans to understand the possibility of running their own business versus thinking they have to find a “good job.”

After repairing their credit and finding the correct financing for their business, Landon teaches individuals how to use data analytics to increase revenue and better understand their customers. Understanding your customer is much more important than focusing on competition, says Ladon.

What he loves most about the business, is the moment when customers unlock their potential and gain confidence.

“Once I witness this, I know that customers are ready to take the information and apply it accordingly. My product and services are unique because it caters to all learning skills such as visual, auditory, writing, and kinesthetic,” Ladon detailed.

By structuring his services this way, Ladon says it makes it easy for any viewer to obtain and use the knowledge accordingly. His number one mission is to improve his customers experience by listening, being transparent and accountable, providing creative problem-solving solutions, as well as delivering fast response times.

“As an individual, I am a risk taker that enjoys the drive. I am self-made, I designed myself. I am dedicated to providing value to the masses, through education and passion. I retain clients by providing high quality customer service,” said Ladon.

Ladon was inspired to start his consulting business because he wasn’t particularly enthused by the idea of working for someone else. He had a daughter on the way, and did not want to be burdened with requesting time off to be with her.

“I wanted to spend each and every day with my daughter without the stress of having a job that controlled my time and my income. I also wanted to start making money for my family and not for others,” Ladon shared.

Ladon says his customers have utilized his services to get approved for loans, vehicles, credit cards, apartments, remove hard inquiries, and build business credit to establish funding.

Despite a global pandemic and operating within his first year of business, Ladon says that his business has been off to a great start. Interest rates were at an all time low and people took advantage as an opportunity to invest.

“Some of the most popular services that I offer are consulting on building installment accounts, getting approved for higher credit card limits, credit dispute letters to remove any erroneous information, and of course my E-Book that offers a plethora of credit repair and credit building techniques,” said Ladon.

“I provide all my testimonials via my Instagram page in the highlights section titled TESTIMONIALS.

Some of the services Ladon provides include:

  • personal credit consultations to aid clients in repairing their personal credit.
  • business credit consultations to aid clients in building and structuring their
    business credit to gain access to capital.
  • credit dispute letters for clients to send out to the credit bureaus to remove any
    erroneous or inaccurate information from their credit reports.
  • E-book that teaches clients how to repair their own credit, clean other credit reports, get approved for cars, apartments, home loans, increase their credit card limits, turn credit to cash through avenues such as Turo, Air BNB, sneaker flipping, investing into stocks, crypto, equities and bonds.
  • Data analytics to assist business owners in understanding their customers shopping habits, increase revenue and lower cost, find ideal demographic, boost membership, help create mass personalization.

“People can book me for my services through Square by clicking the link below, I charge $50 for 30 minute consultations.”

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