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Artist Sir 7000 born Sir Jarvis Arnette, is a West Palm Beach, Florida native who recently dropped his Last Night At The Portal EP. I caught up with Sir 7000 to discuss his new music, what drives his inspiration and sound, and where we can keep up with his latest work and projects.

“I’m looking to expand and keep the frequencies moving.” – Sir 7000.

How would you describe your sound?

“Future yet Nostalgic. Ratchet and Conscience.”

Musical inspirations?

“Outkast, Ludacris, and Ghostface Killah. Ludacris made me want to rap back in middle school. Ghostface made me take it serious in High School.

On the production side Timbaland made me want to make beats everyday. A dabble of Herbie Hancock and some oldies from the 70’s my step-dad would play at the crib.”

How did you use the time during the pandemic as an artist?

“I challenged myself and my partner Ambeeka to put out 7 track projects in real time, every week till the pandemic was over. Little did I Imagine it was gonna last half of the year.

From making the beats, mixing the songs and writing and recording we ended up putting out 11 Quarantine Tapes!

It was more than 80 songs and 6 music videos. It was crazy! very challenging! We were stressing. Had arguments and put it all in the music. Very Organic As Fuck!

When I grew up listening to Hip-Hop it was all about knowledge is power through Black TV shows, music and entertainment. I want to bring that back or help contribute. I have my own children and one on the way. They are the future of everything.”


Past notable projects/songs?

“Before moving to L.A I was known as Sir J and released a single titled “Moesha” the music video made it to Snoop Dogg’s Underground music video show. It was placed in the top 3 for weeks. Another project is “GAIA” by Ambeeka produced by me. Imagine if Lauryn Hill met Wu Tang Clan instead. You Have to check it out.”

Who do hope to reach the most through your music?

“People that can relate and the next generation.”

Dream collaborations?

“Dream collabs will be Timbaland, Diddy, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Adrian Younge and Earl Sweatshirt.”

Who is the main producer or notable producers that you work with?

“I’m the main producer of myself and collective BAPS University (Bangin Ass Proper Shit). I also collab with producer Purls frequently.”


How did life growing up inspire your sound?

“It inspired my sound from my upbringing and environment. Florida is wild. I was staying at my granny house in the Raw ( Rivera Beach). From hearing gunshots nearby to setting corner stores on fire it was always something.

I went to a school of the arts where my major was piano middle and high school. It was a lot different from where I grew up which at times felt like I was living a double life. My mom hated hip hop.

When I used to see my dad on the weekends he would put me on to Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, and everybody from Cash Money lol. I stole my cousin’s Mystikal Unpredictable CD which was Life changing lol.”

Who are you listening to now?

“Anything wavy. Ambeeka, Liv. E, Kendrick Lamar, Maxo Kream.”

How can people stream your music?

“You can stream my music anywhere just type Sir 7000 or my collective BAPS University.”


Things we should be on the lookout for in the future?

“I’m working on untitled project now with producer Arza Arzito. It’s really dope and definitely something refreshing to hear. Can’t wait for y’all to hear. More visuals and a documentary Beek and I been working on. A life story titled “‘73.’”

Follow @Sir7000 on Instagram. He can also be reached directly via email: bapsuniversity@gmail.com

Stream Last Night At The Portal:


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