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The Cookie Dip Company Offers Delicious Dips For Your Favorite Cookies!

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Los Angeles, CA--Zakiya Ellick started The Cookie Dip Company in 2018, offering innovative and flavor bursting dips to go along with some of your favorite cookies. The Cookie Dip Company has several popular flavors including Mango Chili, Berry Ambrosia, and Butter Toffee Bourbon.

What inspired you to start this business?

Ellick: I am an artist by nature. The Cookie Dip Company is my mode of art. My friends and I are very competitive cooks. We all prepared appetizers for the Playboy Jazz Festival. After gathering all the food, I suddenly realize that I didn’t have anything sweet to offer. I put together my ingredients in a bowl and proceeded to make  Vanilla Bean and Lemon cookie dips. I  shared with friends while at the festival, and they raved about the bold, decadent flavors. I then began sharing with our neighboring concert goers, and received the same response. It was that moment I realized my cookie dips should be shared with the world.

What would you like the reader to know about you as an individual?

Ellick: I am a positive, community, goal oriented person who is ambitious and aggressive in fulfilling my dreams. My products are made from love. I want everyone one to win. 

What keeps you driven in business?

Ellick: I am determined to leave a legacy for my son, while taking care of my family and fulfilling my dreams. I am excited for my product development, and the height I want to Accelerate my company to. 

What has the pandemic been like as a small business owner?

Ellick: The pandemic was rough. The cookie dip company was in its beginning stages and came to a halt for a few months. I was able to pivot and offer online shopping, which revived my business. 

“My cookie dip flavors are like my babies. There’s a flavor for each mood.”

Zakiya Ellick

Support The Cookie Dip Company: www.thecookiedipcompany.com 

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