Westside Boogie Talks More Black Superheroes’ on Power 105.1

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Compton’s own Westside Boogie stopped by the Blendz and Trendz radio show on 105.1 in New York to discuss his recent album, More Black Super Heroes. He speaks with Nyla Symone on healing, mental health awareness, his creative style and so much more.

More Black Superheroes is Boogie’s second album under Eminem’s Shady Records.

The subject matter isn’t much different from other Boogie projects, but there are enough new variations to keep his thoughts fresh. He’s more likely to let his guard down, indulging the idea of romance on “Can’t Get Over You” and “Somethin Strange.” On “LOLSMH II” and “Prideful II”—both sequels to older songs—he rattles off tales of lust and deception worthy of an episode of Insecure. The production, primarily handled by executive producer Keyel, sways between the modernized G-funk grooves and synthetic lowrider snap that have always characterized Boogie’s music.


Stream More Black Superheroes here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5vEoVfNUIb14lEGgAfzkMx

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