Shop The Boss Collection This Holiday Season, A Black-Woman Owned E-Commerce Business

Shop The Boss Collection This Holiday Season, A Black-Woman Owned E-Commerce Business Based in California. Their Mantra:

Built On Self Success

A Queen, Brilliant Optimistic Hustler.

A Boss, who was built on self success.

A Collection here for your every need and want.

A Brand so bold and classy, you won’t go anywhere else.

One stop shopping for all of your needs and wants!

Shop: B.O.S.S Collection:

What is the name and focus of your business?

“BOSS Collection. To be a one stop shop for anyone in an efficient way. You can get hair extensions, an outfit with matching shoes, a pair of lashes and a purse in a reasonable amount of time.”

What in your background ties your business idea?

“I worked customer service for 10+ years. I work in the medical field and retail, so, I know what it is like selling to a customer and making them happy with suggested selling, as well as being a consumer. When I go shopping I would prefer to go to one location to get everything I’m looking for in one spot.”

What services do you offer?

“I sell hair, clothes, shoes, lashes, purses and accessories.”

What is unique about your products/business?

“The unique thing about my business is that it’s a brand. My products are 100% authentic overall. My business is called BOSS collection in which boss stands for built on self success.”

What would you like the reader to know about you as an individual?

“I am the type of person that doesn’t give up and wants to make people happy. I love selling to people that need it or appreciate it. When people hit me up for something, if I don’t sell it, then I will do my best to find someone that does so that person is satisfied and gets what they want.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your business?

“I hope to build my business into the brand it’s supposed to be. I want BOSS Collection to be available for all services around the world, not just a retail store.”

What has the pandemic been like as a small business owner?

“The pandemic has been hard because inventory has slowed down on shipping and customers are hesitant to buy because of increased shipping times as well as insufficient funds with the pandemic jobs.”

What keeps you driven in business?

“My son is my motivation. Everything I do is for my heart to smile on the inside knowing that I helped people. I want to provide a life for my son, so that he doesn’t have to work as hard as me but he can also see what hard work and dedication turns into when I become successful.”

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