Chef Mike Has You Covered For All Your Catering & Event Needs

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Los Angeles, CA–Chef Mikery Hatfield is the CEO of Next Level Events, where he provides private chef services for those planning gatherings and private events. Chef’s like Hatfield cover the basics, so you don’t have to stress over menu and groceries. It makes your event more special, allowing you the full opportunity of entertaining your guests, without the added burden of cleanup.

Hatfield, a South Central, L.A native currently living in Los Angeles, was also a contestant and winner of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen taking home $25k in prize money.  

Send Chef Mike a direct message via Instagram @Chefmike213 or give him an old-fashioned phone call at: 213-444-0434.

What made you interested in culinary arts?

“The combination of artistry & technical skill is what initially drew me in. After graduating High School, I was a radio broadcasting major.  I realized I really liked Broadcasting…but didn’t love it. After a semester off, I landed a job as a food runner with Marriott, where I had a front row seat to all the excitement and action of the kitchen. Finally something clicked. After watching the Executive Chef (Keith Starkey…I’m mentioning him by name because he was the first Black Executive Chef I had ever met) I decided that was it for me. The next semester I was at L.A. Trade Tech!! The rest…..as they say, is history.”

What is different about the culinary experience you provide?

“As caterers we all have access to the same food. So the single most distinguishing trait is SERVICE. I’m not actually selling food, I’m selling an experience. The same high end experience I provided for over 25 years from the Ritz-Carlton to the W.”

What kind of services can people book you for? 

“Intimate Dinner for 2…or a full corporate event for 250 people. I also cater all weddings, showers and turn-ups in between.”

What are some of your specialties?

“I previously mentioned the types of venues I’ve worked at over the years. Well, the one thing many people may not realize is that the competition at places like that is so intense that you can’t afford to have any specialty. You Have to be REALLY good at a LOT. So after years of this, I can bang out the best Thai Noodles you’ll ever taste….a taco bar that’ll put you in the middle of TJ. And bring it right back home with some fried catfish & collards greens.”

How important are chefs for private and general events?

“Chefs are not only the creative engines, but also the floor generals. Which is extremely important, with so many moving parts at an event.”

What keeps you motivated in the business?

“To be honest, nowadays as a business owner, I have a whole new level of motivation.”

What kind of experience do you hope to provide for those who book you? 

“A NEXT LEVEL Experience.”

Where would you say you learned how to cook the most? 

“Bumping around in kitchens since I was 19 and collecting a little something at every stop.”

Contact Chef Mike For All Your Private Chef Needs: 213-444-0434 

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