Report: Inglewood Mayor's Relationship With City Employee Provided Advantages Leading To Fraud

Inglewood, CA– A new article published this week by 2UrbanGirls, reveals just how much favor a former assistant to Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts received due to their intimate relationship.

2 Urban Girls interviewed numerous Inglewood employees who accuse Melanie McDade-Dickens of using her relationship with Mayor Butts as leverage for favors from City employees.

These employees reveal that they complied with McDade-Dickens requests, due to fear of losing their job.

According to 2 Urban Girls,

“The Payroll Manager admitted to undermining the IRS and Franchise Tax Board at McDade’s direction. McDade’s wanted to reduce her tax withholding’s so she could show capacity to pay her mortgage, as she was preparing to be approved for an approximate $700,000 home loan. McDade didn’t provide the required IRS W-4 forms to validate her request.”

Unable to come up with the entire down payment, McDade submitted documents alleging an eviction, to gain early access to funds in her retirement account.

McDade also altered one of her bonus checks to make it appear as though she received more than one, which she might have submitted to obtain her mortgage loan.

McDade-Dickens credibility was first called into question due to her relationship with Mayor Butts during court depositions.

The city of Inglewood is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the Madison Square Garden Company, who allege they were tricked into giving up their lease so the city of Inglewood could build a Clippers stadium.

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During the initial deposition process, McDade-Dickens pleaded the fifth as a method during questioning.

Once her assistant threatened to quit over her antics behind the scenes, and she was escorted out of City Hall, McDade-Dickens would later change more than 100 answers to her deposition.

She is currently facing termination from the City of Inglewood.

McDade-Dickens is alleging that once she ended the relationship, Butts began harassing and eventually demoted her.

McDade-Dickens first started working with Butts during his 2011 campaign and was able to rise up the ranks from Executive Assistant to the Mayor, to the Assistant City Manager.

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