Inglewood Mayor Accused of Harassing & Demoting Former Assistant After Relationship

Inglewood, CA–Inglewood Mayor James Butts is currently involved in a court battle with some very rich and influential businessmen over the $5 billion NFL stadium currently being built in the city of Inglewood and the Clipper’s arena.

Now, however, Butts has found himself at the center of a harassment case with his former assistant.

Melanie McDade-Dickens was placed on paid leave by the city of Inglewood a few months ago and admits that she had a consensual relationship with Butts that occurred over several years. McDade-Dickens alleges that once she ended the relationship, Butts began harassing and eventually demoted her. McDade-Dickens was able to rise up the ranks from an assistant to the mayor, to assistant city manager in 2017, raking in over $200,000 a year.

According to the LA Times:

“A month after the ending of their relationship, McDade-Dickens alleges, Butts disinvited her to weekly meetings with department heads and the police chief, according to the letter.

In March 2019, after a birthday that she allegedly refused to spend with the mayor, he “stripped” her of her title of assistant city manager, according to the letter. It also describes repeated instances after their relationship ended in which Butts “shouted at, cursed her or threatened her at work.”

McDade-Dickens has also become a central figure in the lawsuit against the city of Inglewood and MSG. In court depositions, MSG questioned the relationship between Butts and McDade-Dickens, citing their credibility and bias as witnesses as a concern.

As a former assistant city manager McDade-Dickens would have insight over city plans that have now come into question.

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The NFL stadium currently being built in Inglewood also includes plans to develop a new Clipper’s arena on 22-acres of land directly near the stadium.

These 22-acres, however, are leased by the Madison Square Garden Company, owners of The Forum. MSG alleges they held a city lease for overflow parking and that Inglewood tricked MSG into giving up the lease under the false pretense of building a technology center.

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