Serial Predator Ed Buck Who Faces Life in Prison, Secures Chris Darden As A Lawyer

Los Angeles–After major public outcry that seemed to fall on the deaf ears of Los Angeles prosecutors, Ed Buck was finally arrested in September, only after a third man almost overdosed at his West Hollywood home. In an interesting turn of events, Buck has secured new legal counsel.

Christopher Darden who received major backlash, as well as death threats for representing Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder, has decided to represent Ed Buck who is facing life in prison for two counts of administering Methamphetamine resulting in death.

Darden gained national attention in the 1990’s as a Los Angeles Prosecutor in the O.J Simpson trial.

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Los Angeles based Political Strategist and Journalist Jasmyne Cannick, sent an email update with links to documents approved Dec 5. that notes the change in legal counsel.

Cannick worked closely with the family of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, who was the first known person to die from a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s house. For two years they pushed for Buck’s arrest.

An investigation was launched into Moore’s death, but was silently closed a day before the year anniversary of his passing.

In January 2019, less than two years after Moore’s death, 55-year old Timothy Dean was recovered from Buck’s apartment. Protestors gathered on the lawn in front of his apartment building, with all major local networks filming.

In May, Christopher Darden took to Facebook to reveal he filed a motion to withdraw legal representation from Eric Holder.

In the post, Darden blames Black people for the same mindset they had during the O.J trial and says that the “struggle continues.”

The statement appears to be a mockery of the phrase coined by Hussle, “The Marathon Continues.”

After granting his motion, the judge assigned public defender Mearl Lottman to represent Holder. The lead prosecutor on the case is John McKinney.

When asked why he chose to represent Holder, Darden replied it was personal.

“I defend poor people — that’s all I do. And he’s definitely poor.”

Moore’s mother LaTisha Nixon, went public after Moore’s death, warning the public and authorities that Buck was a serial predator and pushed for his arrest.

Moore’s journal was released back to Nixon, along with the rest of his belongings, after his naked body was recovered from Buck’s West Hollywood apartment in July 2017.

In the journal, Moore shares his experiences which includes detailing how Buck injected him with meth. At the time of Moore’s death, various drug substances were scattered around Buck’s apartment, noted by the coroner.

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Buck is said to seek pay for play activities via gay dating apps such as Grindr. In addition to having a preference of dealing with Black men, many are usually HIV positive and in financial binds.

Darden’s justification for defending Holder in the midst of extreme controversy was that he is ‘poor.’ In the media, Buck has been coined a “democratic donor” and was known for contributing to local political campaigns. Even if Buck was “poor” the crimes he has been accused of are heinous and play into the sadistic ways that Black bodies are seen, used and disregarded under the white gaze.

Photo Via Jasmyne Cannick & Moore Family

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