Mother of Gemmel Moore To Hold Press Conference in West Hollywood on The Arrest of Ed Buck

West Hollywood, CA– Latisha Nixon, the mother of Gemmel Moore, will hold a press availability Wednesday, September 25 at 12 p.m. in the auditorium of the West Hollywood Park.

The press availability is to discuss the arrest of Ed Buck, the Sheriff’s Department’s investigation, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, and the federal charges against Buck for administering the drugs that led to her son’s death.  Her attorney Hussain Turk will also be in attendance.

WHO:LaTisha Nixon, Gemmel Moore’s MotherHussain Turk, Moore Family Attorney Jasmyne Cannick, Journalist Advocate
WHEN:Wednesday, September 25, 201912 NOON
WHERE:West Hollywood ParkAuditorium647 N San Vicente BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069
PARKING:Parking is available in the adjacent five-story City parking lot. Validation in available in the adjacent library.Trucks/Vans can park on San Vicente in front of the auditorium

26-year-old Gemmel Moore was the first known victim to bring public awareness to the heinous crimes of serial predator Ed Buck.

Moore’s mother LaTisha Nixon, went public after Moore’s death, warning the public and authorities that Buck was a serial predator and pushed for his arrest.

Moore’s journal was released back to Nixon, along with the rest of his belongings, after his naked body was recovered from Buck’s West Hollywood apartment in July 2017.

In the journal, Moore shares his experiences which includes detailing how Buck injected him with meth. At the time of Moore’s death, various drug substances were scattered around Buck’s apartment, noted by the coroner.

Buck is said to seek pay for play activities via gay dating apps such as Grindr. In addition to having a preference of dealing with Black men, many are usually HIV positive and in financial binds.

An investigation was launched into Moore’s death, but was silently closed a day before the year anniversary of his passing. The cries to arrest Buck seemingly fell on deaf ears.

In January 2019, 55-year old Timothy Dean was recovered from Buck’s apartment. Protestors gathered on the lawn in front of his apartment building, with all major local networks filming.

Members of the trans and gay LGBTQ communities called again for Buck’s arrest, outraged that another Black man had been recovered from his house.

Although Buck has now been arrested after another near fatal overdose in his apartment September 11, he only faces five years in prison under the current charges.

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