Nipsey Hussle Marathon Property Vandalized, No Updates By Police, City Officials

South Central, Los Angeles–Nipsey Hussle’s Marthon Clothing store property was vandalized this week–only adding to the list of questions people have more than a year and a half after the beloved rappers death.

Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, 33, was killed in 2019, after a gunman from the Rolling 60’s street gang killed Nipsey Hussle in front of his clothing store in South Central, Los Angeles.

Boards were seen placed over window frames after someone climbed the fence and broke the windows to all six businesses in the strip mall. The person is said to have climbed the fence early Tuesday morning.

There were no statements made on Nipsey Hussle’s property being vandalized or an investigation announced publicly by LAPD.

What can be confirmed, is that following the news of the property being vandalized, people were seen cleaning the parking lot and denouncing the actions disrespecting the property and legacy of Nipsey Hussle.

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Shortly after Nipsey Hussle’s death a fence was put up around the entire property. As his family grieved in private, his brother Blacc Sam released a statement through The Cochran Law Firm, detailing their plans of developing Nipsey Hussle Tower at the Slauson and Crenshaw property.

Although the City of Los Angeles wanted to declare the property a public nuisance and pressured the previous owners to evict Nipsey Hussle over alleged gang activity, they must have been extremely surprised when Nipsey Hussle and his business partners became owners a few months prior to his death.

City councilman Marqueece Harris Dawson, who was a key figure in establishing Nipsey Hussle Square, also shared no public statements on the vandalized property.

There have been no public updates on the status of Nipsey Hussle Tower.

A few months ago Dawson got the City Council to approve placing a gate in the alley adjacent to the Slauson and Crenshaw property. He said he wanted to curve the violence that was happening, which included shootings following Nipsey Hussle’s death.

Over a year later, people continue to come from all over the world to Slauson and Crenshaw. They can be seen up and down Slauson taking photos in front of his shop and murals, as well as patronizing the various vendors selling Nipsey Hussle merchandise. A fence erected by the city of Los Angeles can’t stop the people from paying homage to Nipsey Hussle.

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