Nipsey Hussle Alleged Killer Eric Holder Gets New Trial Date For June 2022

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Los Angeles, CA–It has been over three years now since Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder, was arrested and held for Nipsey’s 2019 murder. Born Ermias Asghedom, the legacy and impact of the rapper continues to be felt from South Central, to the U.K years after his death.

Despite several court appearances throughout the years, Holder has not stood trial to answer for the charges against him. In December 2021, Holder made a court appearance for a pre-trial hearing, where his lawyer requested to extend the previously set Jan. 22, 2022 trial date. At that time, Holder was being represented by Deputy Public Defender Aaron Jansen, who requested more time due to a recent surgery.

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Holder’s next court appearance is May 19. His trial date has been set for June 2.

Lowynn Young, who was Holder’s previous attorney, took a position on the Judge’s bench and Holder’s new legal team requested more time to review the case. In May 2021, Young, who has been a deputy public defender since 1998, was appointed to the Judge’s bench by Governor Gavin Newsom. Young holds a degree from the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. She was appointed to the Judge’s bench not too long after taking Holder’s case.

The vacancy Young filled was based upon the retirement of Judge Songhai Miguda-Armstead.

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“On Thursday, Lowynn Young, the public defender representing Eric Holder Jr., filed a bail reduction motion on behalf of her accused client, stating, “even a reduction of bail down to $4 million should satisfy any concerns by the court and the District Attorney. Young’s claim is based on her argument that “the isolated nature of the case” makes Holder no public threat,” (Yahoo).

When he was initially arrested, Holder retained Christopher Darden as his lawyer, who famously represented O.J Simpson in his 1995 murder trial. Darden stepped down soon after, stating threats and concerns over his safety.

When I asked Darden why he had chosen to represent Holder during the trial of Ed Buck, whom Darden was representing, Darden replied it was personal.

“I defend poor people — that’s all I do. And he’s definitely poor.”

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