6 Year Sentence Upheld For LAPD Officer Who Assaulted Man With His Gun

El Segundo, CA– A state appeals court panel upheld the 6-year conviction today of an LAPD officer who was convicted on two counts of felony assault.

The charges stemmed from a May 2016 off-duty incident in the city of El Segundo.

According to prosecutors, Joseph William Rooney, 34, had an altercation with three men outside a bar that resulted in Rooney returning a few moments later with a gun, striking one of the men with his weapon.

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Bill Seki, Rooney’s trial attorney, argued that the two men made the incident up and pointed to the fact that they waited for 36-hours to make a report. He also alleged that Rooney was holding a cellphone in his hand during the event, not a gun.

Prosecutors argued there was overwhelming evidence against Rooney. They also pointed to the fact the men were not aware that Rooney was a police officer at the time of the event.

Rooney was also acquitted of two additional counts of assault with a firearm regarding the two other men involved in the incident. Rooney.

Deputy District Attorney Oscar Plascencia made a comment about Rooney which described him as “a bully with a gun who just happened to be an LAPD officer.”

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