42 Los Angeles Recreation Centers Will Be Turned Into Homeless Shelters

Los Angeles, CA–Today Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced measures of converting recreation centers to temporarily house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus sent China into a frenzy as health care officials tried to contain the spread of the virus in the midst of rising death tolls. The virus has spread through countries outside of China where it originated, to places including Italy and Iran who are some of the countries that have been hit the worse by the virus.

The New York Times reported that as of Wednesday China reported no new cases of the virus, which is a major milestone since the virus first appeared in the country late 2019.

Los Angeles has to take extra precaution in terms of containing the coronavirus, due to the fact that so many Angeleno’s live on the streets without access to the proper means of sanitation.

In an attempt to curve the spread of the coronavirus Los Angeles has deployed hundreds of hand washing stations and mobile restrooms at encampment sites. Although there are no reports of any of the homeless population having the virus, there are 190 cases in L.A County according to health officials.

Garcetti plans to house the homeless in 42 proposed recreation facilities around Los Angeles with 6,000 beds provided by The Red Cross.

The first phase of the program will see 1,600 beds in 13 recreation centers reportedly by the end of this week.

The Homeless Service Authority of Los Angeles will be the overseeing agency to determine which Angeleno’s are housed, with priority going to seniors and those with severe medical conditions.

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Garcetti said the city will follow the social distancing guidelines required by public health officials and not try to house more people in the shelters than they can contain.

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