LAUSD Opens 60 Grab & Go Food Centers Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

Los Angeles, CA–The Coronavirus pandemic has many scrambling to grasp the new reality of life which includes schools being temporarily shut down to curve the spread of the virus, according to health officials. Schools around the U.S in almost every major city have seen school closures.

Many families depend on free meals provided by schools to get through the day. In response, LAUSD along with the help of The Red Cross will be providing meals at 60 grab-and-go locations around Los Angeles County.

Initially, the plan was to open 40 family resource centers for parents who needed childcare and meals for kids. Due to the restrictions set in place by officials, social distancing is among top priority to stop the spread of the virus and family resource centers was scrapped for the grab-and-go centers.

Locations are listed below:

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