Week 1: Teachers In South Central & Across LAUSD On Strike

Los Angeles, CA– Substitute and teacher aides are currently helping to keep the activities of 1,240 schools within Los Angeles County running as smooth as possible. Meanwhile, teachers are picketing with signs right outside the school.

This is the largest teachers strike the Los Angeles Unified School District has seen in 30 years. Teachers voted to strike last August if negotiations on wages were not reached.

Teachers are calling for smaller class sizes, higher pay within the backdrop of the rising cost of living, along with more nurses and school psychologist.

Since Monday, teachers have stood in front of Manchester Avenue School, just like teachers at elementary and high schools across LAUSD, picketing and chanting, while cars passing by honk their horn in support.

The strike comes after the teachers union (UTLA) was unable to reach a deal with LAUSD. The union is hoping that Mayor Eric Garcetti can held to move negations forward. Press conferences and meetings have taken place on behalf of both parties since the strike began.

“Another thing to note is the school attendance figures released by the district this morning. Only about 25 percent of students showed up to class on the first day of the strike, costing the district about $25 million. Thought Superintendent Austin Beutner said LAUSD saved $10 million on salaries. Since the district makes its money from attendance, this is a big financial hit,” (LA Taco).

“We are hoping that as the strike continues, more and more parents choose not to send their children to school. Thats when negotiations are met,” a teacher relayed outside Manchester Avenue School.

Another, relayed that it was a very tough decision to partake in the strike. Although poised, a slight hint of sadness flashed across the woman’s face.

She relayed it was a tough decision, because it meant they would not be paid. Her decision illustrates the sacrifice that many teachers are taking to fight for quality education and resources for their students, and a fair living wage for themselves, which does not seem too unreasonable.

To stay updated with the strike visit: https://www.lataco.com/the-strike-is-on-updates-from-the-l-a-teachers-strike/

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