Beauty in L.A: The Undercoat Provides Facials & Self-Care Products

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Culver City, CA–The Undercoat is a state licensed day spa offering waxing, customized facials, and other body treatments including vajacials and back facials. They also sell home care kits specifically created for the bikini area to address issues with ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation. The Undercoat was founded in 2020 by Justice Amonique, who is a licensed esthetician and business owner passionate about building community through self-love, self-care, and confidence building. She created The Undercoat for people to have space to unwind and talk about things that can sometimes make us feel less beautiful. Justice works to help people reach their peak confidence through the Undercoat’s products and services.

What Product and Services Does The Undercoat Offer?? 

“The Undercoat is a face & body spa that offers sugaring, customized facials for both men and women, and other body treatments such as vajacials and back facials. We also offer organic beard oils and vajacial kits to help keep ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation at bay.”

What Makes The Undercoat Unique?

“The Undercoat is unique because we place emphasis on the fact that self-care and upkeep is not a luxury but a necessity especially in minority communities. We create our skin and body treatments around the concerns of men and women of color specifically. While being a place where people can come to relax as we help them build more confidence through treatment and correction of skin issues that may be troubling them at the time. 

Our Vajacial kits are unique because it is the only five step regimen specifically for the bikini area that directly address the skin concerns that women of color are affected by the most. Ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation (think acne scars or dark spots from other blemishes that have healed but left an unwanted mark.”

What Inspired You To Start This Business?

“I was inspired to start The Undercoat because I realized the lack of importance and representation there was for our community in the spa and self-care industry, so I chose to be an advocate in this space.”

What Keeps You Driven In Business?

“I think what keeps me driven in business is that there is constantly so much more to learn and so many people to help develop their own love of self-care.”

What Are Some of Your Favorite Products You offer?

“Right now, my favorite products would have to be everything that comes in the Intimate Skin Kits. The kits are vegan, cruelty free, include active ingredients in every product except for the cleanser–which is pH balanced and contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera. To say the least, THE KITS WORKS.”

What Has The Pandemic Been Like As A Small Business Owner?

“Interestingly enough, as terrifying as this moment in time as been its also been a huge blessing for my business. If it wasn’t for this pandemic I would’ve never had the opportunity to leave the corporate job that I had, or even been brave enough to take the opportunity if it had arisen some other way.”

How important are pop-up shops for small Black and minority owned businesses?

“Pop-up shops are extremely important for Black and minority owned businesses because it’s a way for the community to get to know us and the services we provide that can really be of help to some. Also, pop-up shops are a great means of access for those who may not be internet and social media savvy.”

How can people purchase your products?

“Everyone can purchase products and book their reservations on www.TheUndercoat.com

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