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[Video]: Police Release Video Into Shooting Death of Ryan Twyman

Willowbrook, CA— The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department has released video footage into the shooting death of 24-year-old Ryan Twyman. 

“In the video, two deputies approached the car. One of the deputies walked to a back passenger side door, opening it and peering inside, the video shows. That moment, the driver, identified as Twyman, started the engine and moved the vehicle backward, catching the deputy in the doorjamb, the video shows.

The other deputy, who had been standing near the driver’s side door, walked to his patrol car and got a rifle, then positioned himself behind a parked truck and continued shooting, the video shows.

Neither Twyman nor his companion was armed.

“In this case, the vehicle was used as a weapon against the sheriff’s deputies,” Tardy said. The deputies have been reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

Twyman’s family has filed a claim for damages against the county, stating that the men in the car were unarmed and that deputies used excessive force against them.

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