Trump Terrorist Storm Capitol Building, Stopping Electoral College Votes, 4 Killed

Washington, D.C.–Chaos broke out today as hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., running congressional members out of the chambers, as they attempted to count the electoral college votes. These Trump supporters then roamed the building, taking photo opps and memorabilia from offices. The most shocking aspect of the whole situation, however, are videos that appear to show police allowing a group of agitators to storm past barricades to gain entry into the Capitol Building.

Videos shared online also show police fighting with a group of Trump protestors outside the Capitol building.

National protest regarding dead, Black bodies in 2020 saw heavy police response and targeting of protesters. Today, however, the police presence was there, but not as heavy as they have proven they can be when it comes to Americans protesting.

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At least three to four people have died from unspecified “medical emergencies” during todays protest, according to DC Police Chief Robert Contee.

Ashli Babbitt was the woman who was shot in the chest and killed today in Washington D.C. as she protested the loss of Trump. The details surrounding what led up to the shooting have not yet been released by police.

At least 30 people were arrested at the Capitol Building protest according to reports.

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What could not be ignored today was the blatant difference in the way police treated these Trump protestors vs Black Lives Matter supporters last summer. Many people from common-folks, to scholars and commentators called out the hypocrisy and white privilege online as the protest unfolded today. Many felt that we did our part saving the Democratic party this past election and this was not our fight.

The complete indifference of Black folks, as America seemingly crashed and burned, was shared on Twitter. While angry (mostly white Americans) attempted to stage a coup at the Capitol Building, over half a million tweets were shared on Twitter between the Black community, within our realm of “Black Twitter.”

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