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Sachi A. Hami, First Asian Woman CEO of L.A To Retire

Los Angeles, CA–It has been three decades now since Sachi A. Hami began her journey in Los Angeles government. In the 1980’s she began working in the auditor controller’s office. Trained as an accountant, Hami’s parents are Japanese-American who were interned during WW2. She has been L.A’s CEO since 2015 and in charge of the county’s $36 billion budget.

“Hamai said she worked to transform the structure of county government, pressing for departments to better coordinate their resources to address the board’s most- pressing priorities, including homelessness, criminal justice reform and healthcare, among others.”

She revealed her plans to retire this week at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Although an official date has not been set yet, she says it will be sometime in 2020.

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