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Racism Scandal At City Hall Forces Nury Martinez to Resign from L.A City Council

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Protests Outside City Hall Following Nury Martinez Racism Scandal

Nury Martinez has resigned from the Los Angeles City Council, following the racism scandal currently surrounding City Hall and L.A politics.

Martinez was being recorded while discussing redistricting, as well as the 2-year-old Black son of L.A Councilman Mike Bonin. She also made offensive comments about indigenous Latino’s as well as other groups.

The audio was difficult to listen to some of the most powerful politicians in L.A, speaking about the constituents they serve within not only race and identity but in such a derogatory way.

“To my constituents —Serving you has been a privilege and one that I don’t give up lightly,” she wrote in the resignation statement. “You are my neighbors, my friends, and the reason for this service…I hope you stay engaged and continue to fight for your fair share of the city’s resources. It’s hard to say goodbye, but please know that I was in this fight for you.”

Nury Martinez Resignation Statement

The hour-long audio was recorded during a 2021 meeting at the L.A County Federation of Labor headquarters.

Martinez, along with De Leon and Cedillo, had taken a meeting with Ron Herrera, President of the Federation to discuss redistricting.

Herrera has been a union member for over 41 years and headed a powerful labor organization representing over 300 unions and 800,000 workers in Los Angeles.

Herrera stepped down as President of the Federation after news of the leaked audio broke Sunday morning.

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“Last night, Ron Herrera resigned from his position as President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor,” the statement read in part. “The Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor also calls on those elected officials who were present to follow President Herrera’s example by immediately resigning as well.”

The L.A County Federation of Labor
Protest Outside L.A City Hall Following Nury Martinez Scandal

The Federation released an internal memo following the leaked audio, saying the headquarters had been illegally bugged.

The California Attorney General has also announced an independent investigation into the L.A City Council and the city’s redistricting process.

Following her resignation, Martinez released part of the following statement:

“It is with a broken heart that I resign my seat for Council District 6, the community I grew up in and my home,” she said in her 11-page statement, which touted accomplishments during her tenure.

My only goal as Council president has been to champion a families-first agenda that we can all be proud of,” she said, adding, “While I leave with a heavy heart, know that I wish you all the best and I have faith in your strength to unite this city.

And last, to all little Latina girls across this city – I hope I’ve inspired you to dream beyond that which you can see. While I take the time to look inwards and reflect, I ask that you give me space and privacy.”

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