Nipsey Hussle: Get Away Driver Went To Police Following Shooting, Will Receive Witness Protection

Los Angeles, CA–The narrative of Nipsey Hussle being murdered in broad day light over calling Eric Holder a snitch, is now being solidified in the mainstream media.

It is interesting to note, that the transcripts in Nipsey Hussle’s case that was determined sealed by a Los Angeles judge are now available following the 2019 BET awards.

The Los Angeles Times went to court over Eric Holder’s public defender asking for the transcripts to be sealed, to ensure Holder has a fair trial. A Judge ruled the transcripts unsealed May 21. According to the LA Times:

The chronology of Hussle’s final moments comes from 515 pages of grand jury testimony ordered released at a hearing Thursday by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry after the Los Angeles Times argued in court for public access.

At the awards ceremony this past weekend, Nipsey Hussle’s family including his children and longtime girlfriend Lauren London, accepted his Humanitarian award on stage.

While giving her speech, Nipsey Hussle’s mother Angelique Smith, referenced her sons death as an assassination. This seemingly confirmed everyone’s own suspicions, that the murder of Nipsey Hussle was not just another gang-related shooting.

His business acumen, street smarts, ability to bring people together regardless of gang or race—on top of his recent purchase of a whole strip mall parking lot where he opened several businesses—made Nipsey Hussle a serious threat to the people who really own and run L.A.

South Central has always been deemed prime real estate, especially now with the new train being built where his business is located.

This narrative of Nipsey Hussle being killed over “snitching” diminishes the legacy of Nipsey to street-related conflicts, which mask the powerful and influential person Nipsey Hussle really was on the streets of Los Angeles.

Immediately following Nipsey Hussle’s murder March 31, the”streets” were saying this exact thing about the shooting being triggered by snitching claims. From who, did this narrative come from that was at the shop that day, is unclear however.

Many people on the streets of Los Angeles, still do not buy this narrative because of all the things that don’t make sense in this case.

Even if the get away driver is granted immunity or a plea deal, usually the person sits in jail until the court proceedings are over if they have not bailed out of jail. She was never arrested.

As she drove around the block, Holder pulled out a gun and started loading it, she testified. “You’re not gonna do a drive-by in my car,” she recalled telling him. He put the gun away.

She pulled over so he could eat, and a few minutes later, he told her he’d be right back. Moments later, she said that she heard two gunshots. People ran from the area.

The woman said Holder returned angry and jumped back into her car. She testified that when she asked what happened, he said to drive away or he would slap her. She dropped him off at his cousin’s house, she said.

Holder called her later, asking if he could stay with her that night. The next day, she said, he asked for her help securing a motel room. The prosecutor asked if it occurred to her that he was trying to hide out.

“No,” she said.

One of the other main aspects, is the discrepancy over what exactly the conversation and tone was in the interaction between Nipsey and Holder prior to the shooting.

Publicly, Cowboy, one of Nipsey’s business associates and longtime friend, says there was no beef and the two shook hands when Holder greeted Nipsey. According to the L.A Times, on court record he stated:

“Man, you know, they got some paperwork on you,” Hussle told Holder, according to Douglas. “Like you need to maybe take care of that.”

Douglas explained that to mean that there were rumors Holder had snitched on someone. Hussle was “basically telling the guy you need to be careful,” Douglas said.

Douglas had gone inside to eat his lunch when he heard gunshots. When he got to the front door, Hussle was on the ground, Holder running, he said.

If a streetwise gang-member just said something they know is triggering to another gang member, it is hard to believe Nipsey would not be on heightened alert after the initial conversation with Holder.

Instead Nipsey Hussle was relaxed and holding conversation in that parking lot he owned, where he was unsuspectingly ambushed moments later.

The get away driver in the case has been granted immunity from the courts, for her testimony against Holder. She says that she was unaware Holder had shot Nipsey Hussle, although they drove to the shop together, she saw him load up a gun in the car, and saw people running away from the location.

The driver walked into the 77th Police Department, who has a horrid track record with the Black community of Los Angeles and was supposedly turned away when she tried to inquire on her vehicle being plastered on the news.

The transcripts also revealed a coroner testified at the grand jury hearing, stating Nipsey Hussle was shot at least 10 times and 6 bullets were removed from his body.

News sources say the get away driver will receive witness protection from the police because she has credible claims that she is in fear of her life.

Video: BET YouTube, CBS LA

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