Los Angeles Stay At Home July Extension is “Artificial Date.” Vaccines + Data Key Officials Say

Los Angeles, CA–Alarm and confusion fell over Los Angeles residents yesterday when news broke that L.A’s stay at home order would be extended through July. This would be the second time the stay at home order has been extended in the County of Los Angeles.

May 15 was the second date set by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti after he extended the initial stay at home order in April.

News began to circulate when Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that “with all certainty” the stay at home orders would be in place for the next three months.

She also mentioned a five-step plan to ease restrictions in the coming months during the during County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday.

Confusion lies in the fact that L.A is set to reopen beaches this week, as well as more retail spaces, but are being told that the shelter in place restrictions will remain.

Employee’s who work in office settings are also returning back to work as companies set in place social distancing measures.

L.A County Board of Supervisor Chair Kathryn Barger said in an interview with Fox Business today that officials are trying to move past a “date” of reopening but are looking more at the numbers which will dictate when the County reopens.

“July is really an artificial date,” Barger said.

Barger also mentioned that L.A County’s coronavirus numbers have been “fairly good” and that the County is working to implement “reopen phases.”

Mayor Garcetti also called the date “adjustable” and said reopening the county is dependent upon vaccines.

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During a press conference today Dr. Ferrer gave an update on coronavirus cases in the County. According to L.A County Department of Public Health there are 32,851 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the County with 1545 deaths.

These stats are updated daily and can be accessed at:


Video: Fox Business, County of Los Angeles

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