Liddy Mechelle on Growing up in L.A, Rapping & South Central Baddies

The West Coast rapper makes it a point to support other girls in her community from around the way, who also have visions to rise above their circumstances through art, music, entrepreneurship and fashion.
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Los Angeles, CA—Liddy Mechelle is a rapper and musician from Los Angeles and someone who is highly respected in her community.

The Los Angeles native has worked hard to establish herself as a serious, independent West Coast artist.

All Liddy knew growing up was how to overcome adversity, being forced to navigate the juvenile and foster care system at an early age, followed by motherhood.

In 2023, Liddy continues to rise above any challenges that come her way.

I would go to school and the next semester I’m in juvenile hall or I’m in a placement. I never caught new cases, just violations from fighting or hanging with people who were on probation.

Liddy Mechelle

Like many Black youth who grow up in the inner city, Liddy was forced to deal with broken family units at an early age due to circumstances beyond her control.

I feel like I was forced to be independent at a young age. Going to jail made me grow up faster but I really didn’t want to grow up.

Liddy Mechelle

Liddy Mechelle has spent the last several years curating her sound, as well as funding and releasing her own projects and visuals.

She released singles with legendary rappers Suga Free and Kurupt, which has given her the opportunity to show that she can hang with the heavy weights.

Liddy makes it a point to support other girls in her community from around the way, who also have visions to rise above their circumstances through art, music, entrepreneurship and fashion.

She collaborated with artists Leah Writes and AshBashThaRapper, to show unity between female artists in L.A for her She can Freak it remix featuring Kurupt.

I remade a classic from a local legend. I wasn’t selfish. I put other women on there.

Liddy Mechelle

Most recently, Liddy Mechelle was cast as a member of South Central Baddies season 3. You may have caught a clip of her going viral on social media.

South Central Baddies is filmed and released on the streaming platform NowThatsTV.

The show was shut down after two days due to continuous fighting and an overall unsafe environment for cast and crew members.

Despite this, sensationalized footage was released online along with paid advertisements on popular Instagram pages to promote the show.

Liddy has decided to ride the wave and use the publicity to reach a wider audience, although she has deep concerns and regrets about appearing on the show.

I wasn’t really able to get my full experience because it was shut down in 48 hours. We were supposed to film for two weeks and win $10,000 at the end of the show for a music competition.

Liddy Mechelle

10 women were selected to live inside a rented home that also included trans women.

South Central Baddies is a show reminiscent of the Bad Girls Club from the early 2000’s which aired on Oxygen.

I hate that because I felt like I had to defend myself and that my anger and everything I have been trying to suppress for all these years—that side was forced to come out on TV.

In addition to rapping, Liddy has aspirations to get involved in acting and television, which is what led her to this season of South Central Baddies.

The main objective for Liddy, was an opportunity for exposure to showcase her talents.

I did not like it. I felt like some of the girls were there strictly to fight. They didn’t have a platform or anything to showcase to the fans. I felt like me being on the show, I was a target because I have a fan base and a brand.

Liddy Mechelle on South Central Baddies Season 3

What she quickly realized was that shows like South Central Baddies, only fuel stereotypes and misconceptions people have of girls from the inner city.

I feel they believe we are all super ghetto with no class, uneducated and don’t know shit. Thats not true at all.

Liddy Mechelle

Photos provided by Liddy Mechelle

Slauson Girl is a South Central native who has a love for journalism, history and all things Hip-Hop. She holds a B.A in Critical Race & Gender Theory & a Minor in Journalism. Follow Me on IG @Slausongirl

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