If You Need A Home in Los Angeles, Call Agent Sunny Jones

Los Angeles, CA–If you are interested in buying a home in Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, or the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, then you need to call a reliable realtor like Sunny Jones. She recently closed on a three bedroom, two bath home listed for $770,000 right across from her old school, Crenshaw High. Sunny Jones is passionate about helping first time buyers secure property in their neighborhoods.

For those not from Los Angeles, Jones is a trusted source as someone who understands the landscape and real estate market of the city.

“We need to focus on how we can empower ourselves individually as well as collectively. Meaning, what can we do to put ourselves in better positions to buy property in our communities. That means having your income and credit together,” said Jones. “If I can become a home owner, you can become a home owner. It’s all about putting your plan in place.”

Although she was born in Gary, Indiana, Jones is a L.A girl at heart having lived in the city since she was four months old. Her family was primarily nestled in what is now referred to as South L.A, but they also lived in the mid-city and Inglewood areas. The married mother continues to balance work and home life in the city that raised her.

“I went to Hyde Park, I went to Horace Mann and I went to Crenshaw. I’m super local and we still live in the area. I’m a mom of four boys and I have been married for almost 17 years now.”

Jones says it is important to keep in mind there are programs that will help first time home buyers such as the down payment assistance program. It is also important for those who are self-employed, to keep detailed records of their income and to make sure they are depositing money into a bank account. You need a paper trail in order to qualify. If you need to repair your credit, remember you can always contact creditors yourself to settle or dispute balances.

Having the right credit score is also another key factor in securing a home, so make sure there are no late payments on your record, especially within the last 12 months. Another tip Jones gives is keeping your debt as low as possible. This includes car notes, credit cards and student loans.

“Even with student loans it is possible to purchase a home, you just have to have a payment in place and a plan,” Jones relayed.

It is common for first time home buyers, especially those who are African-American, to believe they will not be approved for a loan. Jones tells the story of a young couple she met recently who had plans to purchase a home within two years. They had set this time frame because they felt they needed time to work on being approved. After being encouraged to see where they were currently, the couple was actually able to secure a home within two months.

Since then, the couple has developed equity in their property. Jones says that is why sometimes it is just important to start the process to see.

“Interest rates are great right now. I just had a client lock in at 2.75% for a triplex. That is really, really good. And now he has two other units to help him pay his mortgage,” said Jones.

Jones says she was always interested in homes and interior design but decided to pursue other interest before establishing herself in real estate.

Despite the inconsistencies and real estate being such a tricky field, Jones says she feels this is her purpose and she is still very passionate about the work. It also helps that she loves talking to people.

“Anytime there is a lot of money involved, you attract lots of different types of characters. I feel like I am here to protect the consumer, my clients, from some of those unfortunate situations.”

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