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Four Little Caesars Employee’s Fired After Calling Black Man N-Word in L.A

Los Angeles, CA–Four employee’s of Little Caesars are out of a job, after an employee called a Black man the N-word and a manager along with two employee’s attempted to cover it up.

L.A resident Tommy Walker says he went into Little Caesars to get a pizza after watching a Dodgers game. He ordered his pizza with his credit card online and drove to Little Caesars to pick it up.

Upon arrival, he needed a code to get the pizza out of this machine where pizzas ordered online were picked up. At this point, the employee’s showed their lack of customer service skills.

Instead of getting Walker his pizza, instead, they mentioned giving him his money.

“The manager said naw, naw, take your money back,” Walker relayed on a Facebook live video.

Walker said that he did not want his money back because he had just drove to that location. After going back and forth with the employee, Walker says another employee came out the back and only made the situation worse.

“One of the guys who worked in the back, came running out the back, grabbed the pizza and said, “Give this Ni**** his pizza so he can get out of here.”

Walker said he was livid and felt humiliated being called the N-word, over a pizza.

Walker also says that the person who called him the N-word was not African-American.

A group protested in front of Little Caesars following the incident, which led to the four employee’s being fired. Walker also relayed that corporate called him to apologize, although he says, that was not enough.

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