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First Protest At Power 106 Over American Cholo + Lack of Black Hosts

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Los Angeles County, CA–There have been several demonstrations held inside the lobby and outside of Power 106 radio station, over the American Cholo controversy, as well as pointing to a lack of Black on-air radio hosts at the station.

Adam 22 aka the Vlad TV of L.A has caused extreme controversy around L.A race & gang politics. The Power 106 protest come after their media platform posted a video of Honduran podcaster American Cholo, using anti-black rhetoric following his sit-down interview with Tyga on the L.A Leakers show on Power 106.

While Adam 22 fishes for content on the backs of Black and Brown people in Los Angeles, his outright ignorance and defiance in this whole situation, shows exactly why we should stop allowing these culture vultures to position themselves as some type of “authority” or “figure” in our community affairs.

The conversations now has snowballed into something bigger than American Cholo and Tariq Nasheed.

Black people in Los Angeles are wondering why American Cholo was give the platform to “call Tyga to the table” facilitated on a Hip-Hop station with barely any Black representation.

In addition, American Cholo has hosted conversations on his podcast, about protesting against reparations for African-Americans which really has the Black community upset.

We want to see more Black people on these L.A Hip-Hop radio stations.

In addition, American Cholo should sit down with the Black community outside of white owned platforms to discuss differences of opinion.

Power 106 Protest Following American Cholo x Tariq Nasheed x Tyga x No Jumper [L.A Race Politics]

Slauson Girl is a South Central native who has a love for journalism, history and all things Hip-Hop. She holds a B.A in Critical Race & Gender Theory & a Minor in Journalism. Follow Me on IG @Slausongirl

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