Dyme Taylor Host Book Giveaway For New Memoir in Leimert Park

Leimert Park, Los Angeles—Los Angeles native Dyamond “Dyme” Taylor, held a meet and greet this weekend in Leimert Park, where she gave away copies of her newly released memoir, Dyamond in The Rough.

The self-published memoir, is creatively woven to tell the tale of a young woman determined to finding the root cause of her family damage, on her road to healing from generational trauma.

“Dyamond in the Rough is a 10 chapter reflective childhood memoir full of poetry, stories, letters and so much more. In this raw, uncut, and transparent work, Dyme Taylor bares her soul. Sharing her truths within each line, she’s more than just stanzas on a page.

Dyme creates hope and visions of clarity with letters that turn into words and words into sentences that breathe life into the lost. She writes to not only vent but to evoke the dormant emotions that so many women have kept hidden due to traumas that have been unspoken and unresolved.

Telling her story will give them the strength to let go of their pain and to seek proper help in order to live their truth and not be ashamed of what they’ve gone through and/or might still be going through.”

Dyme has been a social media influencer since the age of 15, where she would share her poetry and photos on Tumblr. Her platform has grown extensively, due to her courage and ease at speaking her mind. Although, she has found her strength and voice in the midst of chaos.

When her email information got into the hands of the wrong people, who attempted to blackmail and humiliate her, Dyme took her power back by publishing her emails to Tumblr.

This not only eased the stress of being harassed and the thoughts of suicide, but so many people identified with Dyme’s courage and the reclaiming of her power. Over 80 thousand people began following her on social media.

The 25-year-old beauty has a three year old daughter named Marz. Dyme is heavily invested in motherhood and protecting the golden aura of her child.

“‘Til this day, she’s been undeniably raw and honest with her followers about the things she’s been through in life and the things that she still goes through which is why she felt compelled to tell her story in the way that she is most talented in— writing.”

There will be a full book review of her memoir published to Slausongirl.com. For now, check out some photos from this weekend’s meet and greet in Leimert park.

Find Dyme on instagram: @DymeTaylor

Click this link to purchase her memoir

Follow her website: DymeTaylor.com

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