Dr Umar Johnson Interview with Kaalan KR Walker Discussing Rape Charges

Los Angeles, CA–A few months ago, Kaalan KR Walker made social media waves as women in Los Angeles began making post about their anger that Kaalan Walker was released from police custody after rape charges.

In 2018, Walker was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony sexual assault. Vanity Fair reports:

“The series of sexual assaults, which all took place in Los Angeles County, involve aspiring models whom Walker contacted under the premise of being hired for professional work. However, once they were alone, each victim reported that Walker sexually assaulted them, police say. Walker’s charges include five counts of forcible rape, three counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, and one count of forcible oral copulation.”

Singer and songwriter Kehlani also took to social media to share her interactions with Walker and to show support for women who allege they were victimized by him. He is currently pursuing acting and music in Los Angeles and is a native of L.A. In an interesting and super random turn of events, Walker has now popped up in a live interview/conversation with Dr. Umar Johnson to discuss his rape allegations and the public discontent for him.

We warn that the conversation may be triggering for some.

One woman wrote on Instagram in regards to Walker and her choice to speak out against him:

“Since they won’t listen to us in court, y’all are gonna hear our stories here… KALAAN WALKER IS A SERIAL RAPIST AND IS A DANGER TO ANY WOMAN HE IS AROUND. He is raping minors, drugging girls and more. HE HAS RAPED 15+ women. @gasconforlada that’s okay with you?  I am so sorry the @lapdvannuysdiv made you come and repeat the story of your brutal rape so many times, just to let him out. I am so so sorry.”

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