Colin Kaepernick Is A Face For Nike’s 30th Anniversary Campaign

Nike revealed this week that Colin Kaepernick is one of the faces they chose for the 30th anniversary of their ‘Just do it’ campaign. 

Pissed off white folks have turned to social media to share videos of them burning their nike shoes. Many people, however, praised the company for what they viewed as taking a stand against police brutality.

A lot of Black people were online, rejoicing as if it were some sort of celebration with comments like, “I’m going to go buy me some new Nike’s tomorrow” and “Nike is on the right side of history.” 

Are people really that easily baited by business and advertisement? Apparently.

Granted, the money Nike cut Kaepernick will go back into his Know Your Rights Camp or to funding some other great cause. However, Black people, we do not need to line up at Nike stores because Nike made a calculated business move. 

It is time that Black-America begin to over-stand the way capitalism and corporations work. This is real-time business/marketing and advertising. Nike chose to look pass the percent of angry white-Americans, to maintain and increase the brand loyalty of their young, Black-youth and the Hip-Hop generation especially. All, who are avid supporters of Kaepernick.

Not understanding this aspect, has led to businesses making fortunes from our blind over-consumption and loyalty.

At the end of the day, Nike is a corporation that does nothing for our community and they are known to exploit other communities in the name of capitalism. Nike was one of the first shoe businesses that outsourced their labor to other countries and at one point, were a business associated with child-labor.

I could see if Nike announced they were paying for the college education for children of Black men senselessly murdered by police. That, is something to praise. 

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