Christina Cooper’s Blue Laces Red Carpet Event Was A Night of Black Excellence

Downtown, Los Angeles–Christina Cooper, the rising entrepreneur and film-director from Los Angeles, held a red carpet event and screening this past weekend.

The event was to celebrate her digital series Blue Laces, that was written and directed by Cooper where she also plays the leading role.

The series was released on Youtube in October.

The project and her work ethic has earned her the opportunity to not only walk the Emmy’s red carpet twice, but to be considered for a digital daytime series award if she makes it to the next round.

To be eligible for the Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series category, you must produce and/or star in “episodic works of dramatic-fiction from over-the-air, cable, satellite and internet broadcasters, which have more than three but less than 35 original episodes,” Wikipedia.

Writers and directors are also recognized.

Cooper, who is also a model and an author, has products branded in her name including cook-books, beauty and hair products as well as food seasonings inspired by her Caribbean roots.

She is currently working on her first film that she also wrote, directed and is starring in entitled South Central Love, and plans to start shooting in the upcoming weeks.

At 24, Cooper represents the hustle of Los Angeles women. Of half Jamaican and Asian descent, she learned how to thrive in the midst of intolerance early on. According to her mother, she was often teased in school for being bi-racial. These experiences early on has now equipped Cooper with the resilience and self-confidence to tackle huge goals, and accomplish them.

“I think growing up in different ethnic areas, starting off in China town because I’m Chinese, some of the kids were prejudice, so she had to deal with that and I think it made her stronger,” Cooper’s mother relayed at the red carpet.

The cast, crew, as well as Cooper’s family shared insight and perspective on what it is like working with Cooper and who she is as an individual.

Check out the video below.

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