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Body Found Burning Four Blocks From Police Station In South Central

South Central, Los Angeles– Around 3:00 a.m Monday morning police found a body inside a burning trash can on 81st and Grand Ave which runs along the 110 freeway in South Central, Los Angeles.

Crime and mayhem are no stranger to those who live on and in these streets and the cycle continues to take the lives of those seen as disposable in our society.

There has been nothing released by LAPD as of yet on the identity or sex of the individual found.

One person who lives nearby who did not want to be on camera, told Telemundo that before they went to bed that night, there was not a trashcan on the sidewalk.

A homeless man who lives nearby said that he heard about the burning body when he was awaken by police early that morning.

“They came and woke me up, and had me sit in the car for a few hours. Then going to tell me that I had to go. I said and go where? You want me to walk the streets?”

Another man who lives in the neighborhood said that police woke him up around 2:00 in the morning. He also told me there are usually a lot of RV’s and tents in the neighborhood but the city cleaned the area up in December.

He also said that people have stolen his shoes and pants off his porch when he left them out to dry.

“The city cleans this area and they [the homeless] usually come back within two weeks or so. They just move a little down until its safe to come back.”

Read More: https://abc7.com/charred-body-found-in-south-la-trash-fire-police-say/5028700/

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